Days Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Week 1 Nutrition Cinnamon French Toast Flexibility Get back into it! PowerArm and Ab Sculpt CardioFeel the burn! DEN Fit Challenge! 500-Rep Challenge!
Week 2 Nutrition Guilt free dessert Flexibility Improve your reach! Power Booty Blaster Cardio Quick Hit Cardio DEN Fit Challenge! 500-Rep Challenge!
Week 3 Nutrition Turkey garden salad Flexibility Lengthen those muscles Power Power Core Cardio Power Cardio DEN Fit Challenge! Outdoor Bleacher Workout
Week 4 Nutrition Lemon pepper tilapia Flexibility Don't forget to stretch! Power Total body blast Cardio Total cardio DEN Fit Challenge! 450-Rep Challenge!
Week 5 Nutrition Everybody loves pizza! Flexibility Back flexibility Power Push-up power Cardio Cardio core DEN Fit Challenge! 850-Rep Challenge!