About DEN Fit Friday

The best performance to your body

DEN Fit Friday is an initiative that will help our community of educators come together and make fitness a more integral part of their lives. We are giving you the option to dip your toes into an array of healthy lifestyle choices, all while sharing with fellow community members via social media.

This site provides a wellness guide with everything you need to know, and will be updated weekly every Friday. You will see videos, graphics, recipes, and workouts that can be used to put your body into tip-top shape. Hopefully these positive changes can also be passed down to students, and all together collaborate to become a healthier DEN. We want to make fitness fun! Our goal is to allow everyone in the community to participate in a partly controlled social atmosphere where the options are prepared and chosen by participants, and then shared by using #DENFitFriday for everyone to see. Our hope is that you will adopt DEN Fit Friday to other days of the week and improve your own overall health.

Disclaimer: It is important to know that all bodies are different. Always consult with a physician before making major changes in diet or exercise. Pace yourself, don’t over-do anything, and make sure to consume the right amount of calories for your body.